Beneficiaries attend Point of Sale Training (POS)

Beneficiaries attended Point of Sale Practical Training at Zooi House Potchefstroom on the 16th of January 2018. The Zooi employees were part of the training.

The training covered both theory and practical application of the store Point of Sale. Major Topics and areas covered include;

  • Stock Receiving / Product Capturing

This will assist shop owners to be able to trace each product in the store. Each product, whether in bulk or single, it will be captured.The system allows for the product code to be scanned, and the shop owner/ receiver will add the description of the product and quantity.

This process also allows the shop owner to place a product under a specific class, as well as category. This will assist in proper merchandizing in the shop.

The biggest advantage of the Product Capturing feature is that once the shop owner adds the cost of the product, and a preferred selling price, the system automatically calculates the GP percentage, and gives a profit per product and gives the shop owner to either add mark up, of GP percentage. The store owner will know the exact profit he/ she will be making on each product.