Government Relations

Government Relations and Public Policy

  • We monitor legislative developments and advise our clients on on such developments
  • We monitor and report on portfolio committee structures, mandates, objectives and expectations for industry
  • We monitor working groups where policy standards / amendments are discussed and provide input where possible on areas that could affect current and future business
  • We help identify current legislative, regulatory and policy concerns and anticipate new issues for the company’s business and brand portfolio
  • We gather information and resources needed to analyse and evaluate the socio- political landscape for each issue and communicate with relevant business areas about them on a timely basis
  • We prepare summaries of legislative, regulatory and policy issues and developments of interest to the organization
  • We influence political and social arena with respect to pertinent company strategic drivers and objectives, raise public awareness of issues and analyse these in context of the company
  • We conduct research, analyse proposed policies, evaluate the effects of existing policies, and report their findings
  • We develop a blue print for a Public Policy Forum for all business units within the Company. Blue print to be signed off and reviewed annually by the Corporate Affairs Executive
  • We offer administrative management of the government relations and related public policy portfolio to ensure the quality and consistency of information.